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  • Heard your interview today which was lucky for me as I am not a JV fan and usually switch off. Glad I didn’t today! So pleased to have found your blog it is fascinating. Keep enjoying life

  • Hi John. Heard your wonderful interview on the Jeremy Vine show. Truly inspiring. That took me to a search for your blog, which lead to your YouTube channel. ‘Subscribed’ & first video I watched peaked my interest. Please could you forward the details of this, sounds remarkable, supplement. I’m on the River Medway, Kent UK. Long may you keep sailing. Best regards Geoff

  • Excellent article as a non sailor (no sea legs).I love the sea air,oceans and a book sounds a good idea to me.Well spoken on radio 2 really enjoyed listening

  • You didn’t muck it up! You were amazing on radio 2 today. Inspiring story. What a great adventurer you are. Good luck on your next voyage. I hope customs in Coventry quickly coughs up your piece of equipment!!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your radio interview John, thank you and congratulations on a fantastic trip. Keep your eyes open whilst you’re here with us in Falmouth and you may see an old friend; Largo is based locally.

    Like others, I’d be keen to hear more of your health supplement please.

    Fair winds.

  • Hi John fantastic to here today I was Luckly enough to get on the programme to comment with J Vine
    Am now log on to your blog to follow your travels keep safe and keep well

  • Hey John I heard your lovely story on Jeremy Vine’s show today. It was delightful and very inspiring. I felt a rare tinge of jealousy too! I wonder how many hits your blog has got today? I’m a truck driver and love to listen to the shipping forecast… I will think of you. All the best, safe travels

  • After listening to your interview on radio 2 I find myself envious of a beautiful dream fulfilled by your passion, my own admiration for a water adventure unfortunately has to stay as a dream at the moment but you never know, that’s what dreams are for 🙂 stay safe and enjoy. Regards

  • John, great interview on Jeremy Vine. Reminded me of my sailing days 20+ years ago ( but not so adventarous as you) Kielder Resevoir in a Hunter Europa, and latterly two or three times round the Greek Islands. Best of luck!

  • Hi John, i was listening to Jeremy Vine today and was totally amazed at what you had been doing in lock down, well done you, so inspirational, i was totally hocked to the Radio, i will follow you from now on if that’s Ok John.

    • Thank you for your kind words

      • Hi john hurd on on radio 2 today wow what a inspirational guy you are id love to do what you have done I’ve always had 40 cruisers and always wanted to learn how to sail after listening to you i think i may start keep it up john stay safe

    • Hi John, I loved hearing about your recent exploits on the Jeremy Vine show. I’ve done a little bit of sailing myself – enough to have a small understanding of the challenges involved. You’re an inspiration in these strange times!
      Very interested in the food supplements you refer to – would you please let me have the details.
      Stay safe!

  • Hi John, I have just listened to you on Jeremy Vine… Great adventure you are having! My husband is envious he has been an avid sailer since the age of 12. He is now 67! I thought you might like to know, that little bird you gave a sea burial to, was a swallow. British swallows spend their winter in South Africa – they travel through western France, across the Pyrenees, down eastern Spain into Morocco and across the Sahara.

    I would really love to know your mystery health supplement also, as I to suffer with osteoarthritis. I have it in both hands unfortunately. I am 58 and cannot believe how fast it is deteriorating.
    Take lots of care, you are in the best place. Enjoy your holiday with your family later on.
    Best Regards

  • Just listened to Jeremy Vine!! What a fantastic story! That means you’ve had more fun than most of the world who have had to stay at home! So nice to listen to someone who is doing what they love to do in the most difficult time the world has had to deal with since the last world war!!!
    Stay safe and healthy
    Keith Morgan
    A Driving Instructor
    Living in Devon

  • Wow. So many things going wrong. What happened to preparation?
    I think many people listening to the Vine show will think you selfish. On your own, leaving your wife to cope.
    At least you didn’t have to abandon this boat like the last one. So no one had to put themselves at risk to rescue you.

  • Outstanding interview on Radio 2. Well done and enjoy 🙂

  • Hello John … Just heard you on R2…Brilliant…If you feel like sailing round to Bosham in Chichester harbour I have a mooring for you !!! All the very best … Simon ..

  • You were great on the Jeremy Vine show John. A true inspiration! Lucky you had enough sardines!

  • Good afternoon, I ‘ve just been listening to you on Jeremy Vine. I love your spirit and think you are amazing! Best regards Heather in York

  • Sitting here homeworking & just heard your story on Jeremy Vine R2 show. Has brightened my day up hearing about your exploits. Will read the full blog later. Keep Sailing… Thank you.

  • Excellent segment on radio 2 today, I could listen to you all day John! I’ll be reading the blog properly tonight when my children are in bed, can’t wait!

  • Good day John,
    I am intrigued by your mystery health supplement and would really like ot try it out to see if it can diminish the osteo arthritis in my hands.
    Could you send me some details please on what it is and where to find it.

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