My daughter stumbled on this blog before I launched it. Her response?
“I can’t believe it! You’ve told your whole life story and you haven’t mentioned us once. We are your children, you know…”
So, in chronological order, here they are:







Oliver, b. 1972. High-powered lawyer in Jersey. Married to Natalie, equally high-powered finance director. Parents to Benedict and Phoebe.







George, b. 1974, Classy estate agent in Queenstown New Zealand Married classy Oregon-born Haley and loving the Kiwi life.



Owen, b. 1996  and Liana live in Norwich where Owen helps Norfolk police make sense of their data, and Liana has carved out an enviable career as an online Jill of all trades.


Theo b. 1997 In his first year as a hospital doctor (Newport Hospital in Wales if you happen to be a patient.)


Lottie b. 2000. Graduate of Liberal Arts at Leeds University. Travelling in the Far East.


Hugo b. 2002 Studying Economics at Sheffield University. Another climber – and also a sailor. For his final year, he is living in a Ford Transit (better than paying his accommodation allowance to a student landlord).


The Grandchildren

Benedict and Pheobe are fabulous. What has been so fascinating is that Benedict was always rather shy. Then his little sister came along and proved to be the bossiest three-year-old anyone had ever seen. Result: Benedict is now as confident as they come…


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