The great solo sailor Dame Ellen Macarthur came in for a lot of criticism for endlessly posting pictures of sunsets. But then people complained when she filmed herself in tears.

There’s something about sunsets…

Needs Oare Point 13.09.23


English Channel

Outside Cowes

More from St Helen’s Poole, Isles of Scilly

St Helen’s Pool, Isles of Scilly 19.7.20


Dawn over Rockall, May 2020

Favourite place: Walton Backwaters 15.10.19


St Helen’s Pool, Isles of Scilly

New Grimsby Sound, Tresco, Isles of Scilly

The Skelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland

River Deben (The Rocks) November 20th 2018

Stone Point, Walton Backwaters. Remembrance Day 2018


  1. November 8th. Same Creek. Different sky

November 6th 2018.

Kirby Creek, Walton Backwaters

Sunset, Kirby Creek in Walton Backwaters all to myself November 3rd 2018

Red sky in the morning at Felixstowe Ferry November 3rd 2018

Walton Backwaters. Sunrise. October 9th 2018

Sunrise, Atlantic

Poole Harbour

Altantic en route Azores – Southampton

Poole Harbour

Walton Backwaters

The River Deben
The Celtic Sea – as the Irish call the Western part of the Bristol Channel
Sunrise, actually – Irish Sea, June 2019 – Just a glimpse of North Wales on the horizon
Martello Tower at Felixstowe Ferry

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