Hurricane Beryl had just crashed through Carriacou and taken a side-swipe at the Grenadines as she passed. I was in Trinidad’s Scotland Bay a hundred miles to the south watching it all on YouTube.

I had joined the exodus and was feeling exceptionally pleased with myself.

Here’s a tip: Never feel too pleased with yourself.

The next morning, I puttered back to Chaguaramas to complete Trinidad and Tobago’s byzantine customs and immigration process (How many people have died on the voyage other than as the result of an accident?)

I knew the way – just round the corner, round Delgado Point where the buoy’s missing, and someone has helpfully posted the fact on the Navionics Chart. Two miles round the corner was no trouble. I had just dodged a hurricane…

That was when I hit the rock. The rock that is clearly marked on the chart. The chart that I was not looking at because I’ve just got Starlink and had flicked over to Facebook to look at pictures of all the boats piled up like spilikins on the hard at Tyrrell Bay.

In other words, I wasn’t paying attention to the job in hand. It’s something I do a lot – have done all my life. People called me a dreamer (one of the kinder explanations).

What I say to myself when I knock a chunk out of a boat has not always been so forgiving. Hitting a rock at four knots is just the sort of thing I would beat myself up about for days. Samsara certainly didn’t deserve to lose a great scrape of gelcoat from the leading edge of the keel. Now she’ll have to come out for repair – more expense.

More reason to berate myself for the fool that I am.

Except I don’t do that anymore.

Now I know there is a reason for it – this not paying attention, these temporary absences from real life. This is classic ADHD.

Get over it.

If you would like to read about the other absurdities (and hilarities) that I lay at the door of this ridiculous mental kink. I have written my life story – now that I understand it. You can find it on Amazon. It’s called Faster, Louder, Riskier Sexier – Learning to love ADHD.

And if I do say so myself, it’s a cracking read.

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? So, don’t take it from me. Take it from the first couple of reviewers.

One says: “I’ve read a few of John’s books and I read his blog, this book is his best work yet – in my opinion! “

Another writes: “This is a wonderful memoir and a great read… John writes with the style of a top journalist and the honesty of a great memoirist.”


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  • Hi John, I’m glad you dodged Beryl. Blame the rock mishap on Elon. I ‘m reading your book, excellent, and an eye opener for me… those symptons you described were too familiar… I took the test and I also have ADHD. Thanks for the enlightment and good luck with your repairs. Yes, I’ll leave many stars on Amazon.

  • Hi John,

    glad you dodged Beryl if not the rock; maybe some sort of stainless strip on top / ahead of the repair ? Now how do I get a copy of your book please ?

  • Hello John. Good to hear you managed to avoid the hurricane. I must a copy of your biography. I wrote 36000 words of my own, then thought “ who would want to read about a guy who lives in a Citroen Picasso”. Safe travels. Tony

  • John, another self deprecating and enjoyable read. When this happens to me I satisfy myself that it could have been worse! Keep ‘em coming John. Brilliant!!

  • I’m glad you missed Byrel. I thought about you a lot during that time and hoped you went pass Carriacou. That rock shall now, and forever more, be known as “Passmore Rock”.

  • John. I really enjoy your travel experience updates. This is is also a study in how to cruise the Carribean during hurricane season…… looking forward to your next installment…. and ….. I’m reading the book !

  • I like your headline. Very expressive. Does the damage put your structure at risk?

  • Thanks for quoting my review John! I hope Samsara heals soon and don’t be too hard on yourself!

  • I have been watching Beryl’s progress, glad to see you escaped the worst of the blow, it’s certainly coming early this year.

  • Now that’s a publicity stunt – eat your heart out Ed Davey

  • Don’t feel too bad, John. I did that last year and in a place I’ve been dozens of times. And as far as I know, I don’t have a good medical reason for it like you do!

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