Explanation called for…

August 2nd 2018

I am sitting in a bar in Ponta Delgada, in the Azores waiting for Tamsin to arrive with the youngest two children. They have landed, apparently and will be arriving at our Airbnb apartment whenever the charming Portugese bureaucracy has finished with them (it is charming, very good for the patience and helps keep lots of people employed).

When they do arrive, I shall be seeking an explanation from 15-year-old Hugo as to why nothing has been posted on this blog since the Hebrides.

I have done my bit – writing the stuff in the first place and then sending it by very expensive satellite transmission to Hugo’s email address (whence it was supposed to be posted here – and he was charging me for the service!)

But nothing – nada, niente… an aching void.

Ah well, I suppose I’d better order another beer and do it myself…