Track The Old Man

The days of the lone sailor disappearing over the horizon are long gone. With modern tracking devices, you can find any vessel anywhere in the world anytime (as long as they don’t mind being found and have the thing switched on).

With AIS, the Automatic Identification System, you can see where I’ve got to by downloading an app like FindShip. This will work within range of a mobile phone signal or a ship carrying the required radio equipment and which has volunteered to report smaller vessels (and they seem to be few and far between). Anyway, here is the information you need: Yacht name: Samsara and her Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number 232010712.


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  • Dear John, From an even older man sailing. Liked your frontispiece of Boreray and Stac an Armin. We (Carol and I, both 76, in Rival 34 Rhum of Melfort, owned since 1991) were there in June this year (4th visit), but did not land this time (onshore swell and too much industry). We plan to be afloat again next season, d.v.

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