Cheap Watermaker

The reason I don’t carry an emergency watermaker is because they cost about £1,000. If they were affordable, I would have one.

I have no idea whether the QuenchSea will work but it looks as though it might and so I have ordered two – one for me and one to sell on eBay. If they are a success, there is bound to be a huge demand and I will get my money back.

Of course, they might not go into production at all – in which case my gamble will not have paid off…

But, judging by what I have seen so far, I think it might be a successful launch – after all, the technology is not difficult. There is no reason why these things should cost a fortune.

See what you think. If you order from this link, the company will send me a nice little thank-you (I hope you won’t mind.)


Update January 2023

Well, they’ve arrived – they don’t look much like the original picture. Now when I get it out of the box, I find this:


Anyway, now it’s for sale on eBay:


… although a number of people told me they bought one, I never saw a penny!